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Verkligt lidande

2 Aug

Verkligt djurplågeri som pågår dag efter dag, år efter år, medan EU blundar och våra svenska djurskyddsmyndigheter tramsar runt och jagar äldre och handikappade personers katter i skogen. Skicka alla djurskyddshandläggare att göra rätt för lönen och göra skillnad för djuren!

Visserligen överser svenska myndigheter med olagliga och plågsamma djurtransporter i Sverige bara det sker i djurskyddets namn. Men när det kommer till allmänhetens kännedom genom konventionella media så då måste ansvarig minister beklaga. Vi som i svenska domstolar dömer bönder för djurskyddsbrott för att de innehaft djur som tappat öronbrickor, vi importerar kött från djur som transporterats och slaktats under vidriga förhållanden. Vore det en svensk hade han/ hon lynchats på internet. Men handlar det om religionsfrihet och medeltida vidskepelse så får djuren vackert lida! Jag har inga ord längre för dubbelmoralen. Bort med alla imamer från EU:s slakterier!  Muslimer kan be sina ramsor över den döda maten som alla andra!

Skärmklipp 2016-08-02 19.21.31I 40-gradig hetta blir lastbilarna stående vid den turkiska gränsen dygn i sträck. Djuren är utmattade och desperata av törst.

Skärmklipp 2016-08-02 19.24.05Djur som faller och nyfödda kalvar har ingen chans att ta sig upp.

dödsögonblicketDen här unga tjuren i dödsögonblicket! Äntligen fri från överhettning och uttorkning. Många mil och dygn i stekande hetta utan foder och vatten.

uppskurenKon har just skurits upp och den döda kalven dragits ut. Kvar står hon med inälvorna hängande ut. Nu vill den turkiske köparen ha valuta för pengarna och kräver att hon åter skall lastas på transporten för att halalslaktas så att han ska kunna sälja köttet.

lastaMan försöker tvinga upp henne men hon faller ihop och man kallar på en halalslaktare.

Skär avFlera män bryter kons huvud bakåt och slaktaren skär av halsen medan kon är vid fullt medvetande under flera minuter. Eftersom även luftstrupen skärs av kan hon inte ens skrika ut sin smärta.

Grattis till EUs fina djurskydd! Köttet kommer rentav i retur till Europa och serveras i svenska skolor så smaklig måltid!


Poo in the butt or broken neck?

24 Jul

geten som bröt nackenIf we ask ”animals best friend” animal inspector Peter Stenberg and his companion Alexandra Boijsen from county administrative board in Skane, Sweden, is definitely a broken neck to prefer. The photo above is taken by the inspectors themselves to illustrate poo in a goats butt. It is dried poo in the fur waiting to be cut away as the goat had had diarrhea but recovered. Note that neck and back line is fine and perfectly straight. A few hours later this goat will be dragged out from an overloaded truck at Ingelsträde, the place where the Djurambulansen i Skåne AB (a commercial animal ambulance) houses, with her head totally twisted back and forth.

Peter Stenberg”We want to change things fast for the animals”, Peter Stenberg claimed on TV. And he really did.

Peter Stenberg from the animal protection board became famous in Sweden from TV4 where he and his mates posed to speak for the animals. We shall soon see what happened when TV-cameras was not on. If the goat above had been able to speak for herself, I am convinced that she had preferred to remain on the farm with her goat family, with or without poo in the butt.

DSC04243First, we go back to the autumn 2013. On a farm outside Hörby in the south of Sweden, lives a woman who for decades have had a herd of goats, in fact the country’s largest not kept for milk but only as hobby and landscape keepers.

PolvallBackground is a number of complaints from a neighbor, journalist Tomas Polvall, who moved home to Sweden in the summer after he sold his farm in Denmark. He begins mail bombing the County Administrative Board on 20 September: ”This is therefore the first of a long series of emails and phone calls to try to get any of you to understand that what you are experiencing as a low priority trifle is top priority for us.” And so he is speculating over the size of land owned by the goat keeper. He has no land for his horses and no one in the village is willing to sell.

bild 4Polvall complains about goats sneaking out from their enclosure crossing over his yard. He sends images showing healthy, happy animals in a beautiful environment. ”Pastoral” the judge of the administrative court will later name it. Polvall does not seem to meet any sympathy for his complaints. This is simply no animal protection case.

bild 1In the mid November about 15 goats become ill in diarrhea. The owner believe that deworming preformed earlier has failed and she repeats it. Approximately half of the animals recover to but the other half, mostly kids, die suddenly from one day to another. On Monday November 18th, she bikes to the city. The dead animals are not yet removed and a couple are still sick. Her neighbor can see her leave and probably he makes a visit.

Boijsen1Something happens that day as Alexandra Boijsen writes a police requisition on a plain paper by hand. The day after on Tuesday morning November 19th, the owner drives her car to the bank to withdraw money for the veterinarian and to pay hay she had ordered from a farmer. Once back a couple of hours later she is met by two policemen who prevent her from entering her property. On the farm is Peter Stenberg, Alexandra Boijsen, two policemen and a young veterinarian named Julius Kemna.

bild 8The goat owner says: ”After a while, maybe 20 min, some people approached through the tree avenue. It proved to be Peter Stenberg and Alexandra Boijsen and perhaps Julius Kemna, the veterinarian. Peter Stenberg says that I may not enter as they intended to shoot Sippan, my favorite goat.”

SippanLast picture of Sippan before she was shot and got her throat cut off. The vet missed that she was about to give birth.

”Peter Stenberg drags Sippans lifeless body and throw her in front of me blood running over her beautiful white coat, she is finally in a big puddle of blood. Then Peter Stenberg sits squatting next to her, I am standing a bit away, can not stand to watch this horror scene. Peter Stenberg waves at me with his index finger and tells me: ”Come here, you see!”. I can not, I said, and turned around. ”

Julius Kemna says that Sippan is skinny. Emaciated, says Peter Stenberg about the entire herd when he lets himself being interviewed by local newspapers Skånskan and Expressen the next day. A case of worst degree abuse, he claims. Then he calls the animal owner back and says: ”It will be an article about you in tomorrows newspaper which will not be flattering for you!”

None of them are proven right. The autopsy shows that Sippan, who got rear feet frozen off as a newborn eight years earlier and since then walked unhindered on thick soles of callus, is considered to be fat, not suffering and in addition, she has two full-term kids in her womb.

A large proportion of the goats was pregnant ready to give birth within the next few days and was not allowed to be transported. Peter Stenberg chooses to ignore this and decides to call the commercial company Djurambulansen in Skåne AB to fetch all 82 remaining goats immediately. Quick it should be, as Stenberg says. Veterinarian shall later claim that he was not asked to examine the animals for pregnancy, that he did not know that they would be transported and that it would also be too stressful to examine them. Then he already had missed that Sippan was highly pregnant when he shot her.

Swedish Board of Agriculture has not given any exemption and says afterwards that it assumes that the veterinarian examined them. Veterinarian Kemna however rushed to move his car to make place for Djurambulansen in Skånes truck, as he was told to be on its way. What he tells later is all a lie.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThen Djurambulansen in Skåne AB, with which national police board canceled contract, arrives at the scene. The local police in Skåne made a separate agreement with this company. It had not any operating license for goods, to which animals belong, according to Europe Union rules.

Mikael Gustavsson, the owner, drives the white truck that he runs up on the farm.

Föraren av den röda bilen

The red truck is driven by Sonny Nilsson and parked down on main road. There it will stay all the time, no animals will be loaded and it returns empty.

Lisa LindeFrom Djurambulansen in Skåne also participate Lisa Linde and another woman. All these people, including the two police officers shall, in over three hours hunt terrified goats and pack them into the white truck that is too small to carry such a large number of  animals. There is only room for one third. They all know that this is illegal, but so what. The animal owner is threatened and beaten by the police. Peter Stenberg assures himself that she owns no computer and has no close friends.

DSC04708As Mikael Gustavsson tries to turn the truck around, he runs into a birch so hard that the engine stops. Don´t think he was worried about the goats on the truck! No his only concern is the truck!

The goat owner says: ”Of course the goats became frightened of the strangers running around and chasing them with sticks, boards and other weapons.

I wept silently to myself when I saw it. Then the police and Stenberg quarreled at me for they meant that I scared the animals, when they saw that their owner was sad. The police shouting at me that if didn´t stop weeping they would remove me and put me in jail. They asked me to help capturing the goats instead . This I refused.”

”It was this idea to cut up the fence in only one side and release seven meters of which one side is nailed into a thick pillar. Mikael Gustavsson and Peter Stenberg assumed that when the goats they chased, approaching the truck and the high ramp, personnel from Djurambulansen in Skåne would run behind the terrified animals to pull them together with the fence up against the ramp like fishing.

Of course the animals fall below the steep ramp in a mess, legs rattle and become entangled in the net. Then Gustavsson and sidekick hurry up and grip horn or bone, whatever they can get hold of and pull fence and goats up halfway. Up on the truck they put guards so no one should escape back and then pull up the last bit.”

”Notice that this group of goats which was the first to be loaded, consisted predominantly of pregnant females and their offspring. Including the large, white goat that they finally chased so hard that she fell and got her head twisted under her as they through themselves on top of her. Then Gustavsson grabs her in one horn and drags her 30 meters up to the truck. He had assistance to drag her the last 10 m by his sidekick, the two lifted her up on the truck as she was so wounded and exhausted that she could not stand on her feet.”

On top of and after was loaded big bucks. The damaged goat had therefore not just to wait in pain for several hours while the other was loaded. She also had the other on top of her. Their suffering on the truck  must have been indescribably, they screamed and wailed. But it was all approved by the ”animals best friends”, ”the law guardians” and ”luckily-you-exist” -conveyors. What are not people capable to do to innocent animals with 350,000:- in reach (26,000 £)!

This was the goat on the first image, the only white one left. She was also heavy pregnant. On arrival at Ingelsträde, a journey of about two hours, she had according to veterinarian Anneli Karlsson her head twisted backwards and her whole body was trembling. She was released from her suffering. Then she was fired up in in the crematorium and the owner was invoiced 800:- for that service (60£). An autopsy was naturally out of question as that easily would have revealed the violence she had been subjected to.

The veterinarian observed another goat with the placenta hanging out. Obviously she had given birth on the transport but there was no kid. It was left on the truck, stillborn or trodden to death among other damaged or dead goats. Nine goats were missing after the journey but Mikael Gustavsson said that they died some days later. There are no veterinarian records to confirm that. Thus he could charge the animal owner accommodation even for the goats killed on the transport. The veterinarian confirmed that she did not see the truck and also that she did not count the living goats herself. The number was given to her by Mikael Gustavsson. He also said the goat with the broken neck had been transported separately, but even if that had been true, which it was not, it was still a crime. Moreover he claimed that he had not even been present and another company, Pommers Djurtransporter had preformed the transportation. That company charged the police for the transport and so did Gustavsson.

One big male goat succeed to escape over the fence in the dark. He was spotted by the neighbor and police and the animal ambulance was called in three successive days. Only when the animal owner had been up all night and got him back, they were able to take him. They dragged him to the truck by his horns which is absolutely forbidden. After that he was never seen again, probably killed at arrival. The goat owner felt like a traitor and could not forgive herself giving him in.

DSC04697Polvall also sent a picture of a goat that he had chased into the fence some weeks earlier. The goat was stuck in the net with her hind leg. Polvall let her hang while he fetched the camera and took the above picture before he cut her loose. The owner did not know about this but noticed in her diary that she lost her babies. He has not been prosecuted for this as far as I know, but the goat owner has been prohibited to keep animals so she also lost her cats.

This happens on a daily bases in Sweden. Politicians brag a lot about Sweden having the worlds best animal protection. But when it comes to money, pure greed, animal inspectors, police and transporters do not care much about animal welfare. The animal owners are crushed and some even kill themselves. In consequence we import more than half of the meat we consume, farmers are scared, young people flee farming. Apparently we do not care very much that the meat comes from animals that in many cases were brought up in much less favorable conditions and killed in an horrible way. So in a very short time we will have no farms left in Sweden.

And what happened to the goats? Only Mikael Gustavsson knows that. The police sold them to him for 1½£ each. Then he probably slaughtered them and they went into the black meat market as there is no report from anyone buying them.

Har ankor några rättigheter?

6 Nov


I juni 2012 förbjöds gås- och anklever i Kalifonien. Det är den första staten i USA att göra något åt det barbariska djurplågeri produktionen av de sjukligt förstorade levrarna innebär. Se min tidigare artikel här.

Chef Gary

Kocken Gary Danko bryner en tumtjock skiva anklever i en liten kastrull i sin restaurang i San Francisco, där han tog en Michelinstjärna, tills köttet får en gyllenbrun yta.

anklever köps in

Delikatessen, som är känd under sitt franska namn, foie gras, är garnerad med fikon och champagnedruvor, en variant på ett rätt han serverat sedan han öppnade Restaurant Gary Danko nära Fishermans Wharf 1999.

”Jag har nog 40 beställningar på en natt eller mer,” säger medan han saltar köttet. ”När demonstranterna är här, det dubbla.”

Demonstranterna är djurrättsförespråkare som säger att tvångsmatning av ankor och gäss är grymt. Danko och övriga kockar i Kalifornien måste ta bort gåslever från menyn när staten blev den första att förbjuda maträtten, enligt en lag från 2004.

tvångsmatning av en gås

Problemet är metoden att mata fåglar med ett rör in i matstrupen.
”Dessa fåglar har inte gjort någonting för att förtjäna ödet att tvångsmatas flera gånger om dagen,” säger Paul Shapiro, talesman för den Washington-baserade Humane Society i USA. ”Det är en inhuman metod som bör förpassas till historieböckerna.”

Förespråkarna påstår att förfarandet ”härmar beteendet i naturen, där fåglarna frossar innan de migrerar”. Gåsleverproducenterna säger att tvångsmatning orsakar ingen smärta, och att motståndarna försöker införa normerna för vegetarianer på alla andra.

Enkelt avgjort: Det är bara att titta på bilderna och bedöma själv!

Lagen, som undertecknades av dåvarande guvernör Arnold Schwarzenegger och backas upp av kändisar som Paul McCartney och Alicia Silverstone, förbjuder tvångsmatning av ankor eller gäss och förbjuder försäljning av lever producerad på det sättet. Överträdelser kan bötfällas med så mycket som $1000 per dag.

Vissa kockar säger att de planerar att trotsa förbudet, med argumentet att ingen ska diktera vad folk ska äta.
”När förbudet träder in, kommer vi att servera det varje dag”, säger Laurent Quenioux, en besökande kock på Starry Kitchen i Los Angeles. Han säger sig ha använt gåslever i matlagningen i ca 25 år. ”De kan skicka mig till gåsleverpolisen.”
Den kaliforniska lagen har skjutits upp i nästan åtta år för att låta tillverkarna hitta ett alternativ till tvångsmatning, vilket de inte lyckats med.

”Vi överväger inga förändringar i vår produktion eftersom vi producerar en högklassig produkt som är helt i enlighet med våra federala bestämmelser”, sa Allison Lee, en taleskvinna för Hudson Valley gåslever. Tillsammans med La Belle Farm , båda baserade i Ferndale, New York, är de de enda producenterna av gåslever i USA.
Bolaget, som omsätter $15 miljoner och ”processar” 250 000 ankor per år, överväger en rättslig prövning av Kalifornialagens grundlagsenlighet.
Företaget kommer nu att inrikta sin marknadsföring till andra stater för att minska effekterna av förbudet i Kalifornien som står för 20% av försäljningen.

Trots tydlig lagstiftning fortsätter EU-kommissionen att överse med att tvångsmatning av ankor och gäss fortsätter i fem medlemsländer: Frankrike, Belgien, Ungern, Bulgarien och Spanien. Lobbyisterna för ank- och gåsleverindustrin hävdar att produktionen är ett ”kulturarv”.

Directive 98/58/EC, states in Article 14 that;

“No animal shall be provided with food or liquid in a manner, nor shall such food or liquid contain any substance, which may cause unnecessary suffering or injury.”

The Swedish myth of the world’s best animal welfare

5 Apr


Sweden is banking that its reputation for ”food safety, wholesomeness, freshness, simplicity, ethics and culture, animal welfare and respect for the environment” will triumph over Gallic culinary flair.


Eskil Erlandsson has launched a campaign to make his country the haute cuisine leader of the world.

”We are going to put Sweden on the world map as a country of good food,” he said earlier this week. ”We are in a good position to conquer the rest of the world.”

That was in 2007 and now we can summon the outcome:  Sweden has the lowest production of food in EU in relation to consumption.

Sweden is self-sufficient in cereals, but the production of milk and pork and beef has dropped to between 40 and 60 percent. Since joining the EU, there is no stockpile, either in Sweden or in other EU countries. The individual household food stocks are expected to last between three and twelve days. The stores stock lasts one day and central stock lasts between three and eight days, the food industry and the ports have stock for a few days. If the transportation fails the stores will be empty after one day. If the country is isolated, half our daily foods, the ones that we normally import, end after ten to twelve days.

One of the reasons to the situation described above is that politicians persist in the Swedish Animal Welfare Act states over EU legislation. In it are introduced much stricter requirements than the EU requires. In particular, they focus governmental controls on punishing farmer for wrongdoing by officials in charge. The number of penalties has become a measure of government efficiency to control. The result is that the entire herd can be disposed of without there being anything wrong with the animals.

Swedish farmers are thus afraid of government controls and many shut down their businesses not just as their costs are greater than in the rest of Europe but because of the risk of sanctions from the authorities. The Animal Welfare Act states that police may advance the costs that arise when the animal is disposed. This has created a market for commercial enterprises who care very little about the animals authorities place, but more about the great amount of money they generate. A herd of some hundred farm animals can give the farmer a bill of several 10,000 euros.

Another sanction is a prohibition to have animals that Sweden is the only country to issue without a trial in court. It means a lifetime ban from owning or managing animals and is therefore a permanent blacklisting of a farmer. Sweden has perhaps the world’s strictest animal protection laws, or at least the world’s most arbitrary inspections and largest lawlessness for animal owners. The consequence has been that the animals Swedes eat now is raised in other countries providing more favorable business environments.

The following case is a typical example of how government and commercial companies who take care of animals interacting with a result that is a disaster for both the animals and the animal owner. This is the true story where animals suffer and die  in the name of  ”animal welfare”.

During January-February 2014 sent a Swedish television channel TV4 a reality show about ”Animal Inspectors”. One of the persons involved, Peter Stenberg, was guilty of aggravated cruelty to animals when no cameras were on.

geten som bröt nacken
If you ask ‘animals’ best friend’ welfare inspector Peter Stenberg and his partner Alexandra Boijsen from the provincial government of Skåne is definitely broken neck preferable to poop in the pants. The photo above was taken by the inspectors themselves to illustrate the poop. It is dried poop in the fur to be cut away as the goat had diarrhea but healed. Note that the neck and the back line are fine and perfectly straight. A few hours later and at 100 km distance, this goat will be dragged from a truck on Animal Ambulances farm in Ingelsträde with her head completely twisted backwards.

Peter Stenberg

”We want to change things fast for the sake of the animals” says Peter Stenberg in the TV show.

Peter Stenberg became nationally famous from the soap Animal Inspectors in TV4 where he and some others claimed to ”speak up for the animals ”. We shall see what happened when the TV camera was not on. If the goat above could speak, I am convinced that she preferred to stay on the farm with her goat family, with or without poop in the pants.

First let’s go back to autumn 2013. On a farm outside Hörby in Skåne in the south of Sweden lives a woman who for decades have been keeping a flock of goats, actually the nation’s largest not kept for milk, but only for hobby and landscape care.

The origin is a series of complaints from a neighbor, a freelance journalist Tomas Polvall, who moved back to Sweden after he sold his farm in Denmark. He begins mail bombing County Board September 20. ”This is the first of a long series of emails and phone calls coming to try to get any of you to understand that what you perceive as a low priority trifle is a high priority for us”, he writes. And so he speculates about the size of goat owners land.

bild 4

Polvall complains about goats that slipped out and walk over his garden. He sends in pictures showing healthy, happy animals in a beautiful setting. ”Pastoral” the judge in the Administrative Court later will come to call it. Polvall don´t seem to get any bigger hearing for his complaints. There is simply no animal welfare issue.

bild 1

In the middle of November, some 15 goats get sick of diarrhea. The owner believes that deworming done each fall has failed and she repeats it. About half of the animals recover to but a number, most youngsters die suddenly. On November 18, she bikes to the community. The dead animals are not yet collected and a couple are still ill.

Something happens on that day as Alexandra Boijsen writes a police requisition on plain paper by hand. The following day on Tuesday morning, November 19th the animal owner drives her car into the community to the bank to withdraw money for vet and hay bales that she ordered from a farmer. Once back she is met by the police to prevent her from going down on the farm. On the farm are Peter Stenberg, Alexandra Boijsen, two policemen and a young vet named Julius Kemna. He seems to be well acquainted with Alexandra as he jokes with her and she pulls him in his clothes.

Goat owner says: ”After a while, maybe 20 minutes, some people came up against us in the avenue. It turned out to be Peter Stenberg and Alexandra Boijsen and perhaps Julius Kemna, the vet. Peter Stenberg says I must not go down to the farm as they are going to shoot my dearest goat Sippan. ”

”Peter Stenberg pulls out Sippans lifeless body and throws her in front of me and the blood flowing over her beautiful white coat, she is finally in a big puddle of blood. Then Peter Stenberg sits squatting beside her, I stand a distance away, can not see the horror they made​​. Peter Stenberg waving at me with his finger and tells me: ”Come here and you’ll see.”  I can not go I said and turned around. ”

Julius Kemna states that Sippan is skinny. Emaciated, says Peter Stenberg that the entire crew is when he allows himself to be interviewed in the local newspapers a couple of days later. The autopsy shows that Sippan, that got back feet frozen away as a newborn eight years earlier and ever since have walked on unhindered thick soles of callus tissue, is obese, is not suffering and in addition, she has two full-term baby goats in her belly.

A large proportion of the goats is heavily pregnant, will give birth the next few days and must not be transported. That ignores Peter Stenberg and decides that the commercial company The Animal Ambulance in Skåne AB is to retrieve all 83 healthy animals immediately. Fast will it go, as he said. The vet will later claim that he was not given the task of gestation examine the animals and that he was unaware that they would be transported. He will also claim that it would be too stressful to investigate them. He also missed that Sippan, he already shot, was about to give birth. Department of Agriculture has not given any exception and said afterwards that they ”assume that the vet had examined them”. Veterinarian Kemna hastens to run as his car stands in the way of the Animal Ambulances  truck, which he learned is heading.

So the Animal Ambulance arrives. The Company is said to have no transport permits for goods, where animals are included according to the Swedish Transport Board. Later the owner will blame an other company for preforming the transport and they will share the money invoiced for the police.

Mikael Gustavsson

Mikael Gustavsson drives the white truck and he drives up the yard. Later he will deny even being there.

Föraren av den röda bilen

The red truck is driven by a younger man and parked down the main road. Where it shall come to stand all the time, no animals will be loaded in it and it will go back empty.

Lisa Linde

From the Animal Ambulance also participates Lisa Linde and another young woman. All these people including two policemen will be engaged for more than three hours in chasing terrified goats and packing them into the white truck that is far too small to carry so many animals. Everyone knows that it’s illegal. But so what. The female farmer is threatened and assaulted by the police. Peter Stenberg ascertains that she has no computer and close friends.

The goat owner says: ”Obviously, the goats became frightened as strangers ran around and chased them with sticks, boards and other things they could find.

I cried silently to myself when I saw it. The police officers and Stenberg scolded me and they said I scared the animals, when they noticed that their owner was sad. The police yelled at me that if I did not stop crying, they would remove me from there and put me in prison. They invited me to instead help to catch the goats. This I refused. ”

”They got an idea to cut up the net in only one side and loosen about 7 meters, of which one side is nailed in a thick pole. Mikael Gustavsson and Peter Stenberg have then as a working hypothesis that when the goats they hunt approach the truck and the high ramp, workers from Animal Ambulance should run behind the terrified animals to pull them together with the fence and line up against the ramp much like fish in a net.

Of course the animals overturned beneath the steep ramp and fell in a mess and rattle and become entangled in the net. Then Gustavsson and his employees hurry forward and grabs horns, legs, whatever they can get hold of and drag nets and goats up halfway. Someone guarding that no one should slip out again, and then pulls up the last bit. ”

”Mind that this particular group of goats that were the first to be loaded consisted predominantly of pregnant and heavily pregnant females. Among the big white goat that they finally chased so hard that she fell over and got her head twisted under her body when they threw themselves over her. Then Gustavsson grabs her in one horn and drags her about 30 meters. He got help to drag her the last 10 meters and when they pulled her ​​into the truck  she was so injured and exhausted that she could not stand on her feet in the truck. ”

On top and after big bucks were loaded. The injured goat not only got to wait several hours while the others were loaded. She also got the rest of them on top of her. The goats suffering on the truck must have been terribly, goats screamed and wailed. But all was approved by  ”animal best friends,” ”guardian of the law” and ”lucky-you-exist” conveyors. What are you  not capable to do with 35 000 euro within reach!

This is the goat in the first picture, she too was highly pregnant. On arrival at Ingelsträde, a journey of about two hours, she has according to veterinary Anneli Karlsson backward tilted head and her body is shaking. She was freed from her suffering. Then she was fired up the company’s home crematorium and animal owner billed 90 euro for cremation. The veterinarian observes a goat with afterbirth hanging behind. She loosens it but can not find the baby. It was left on the truck, stillborn or trampled to death along with the other injured or dead goats. The vet does not see the truck and the staff informs her that there are 82 goats. She did not count them herself.

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